What does education mean to you?

Education, Knowledge and Technology have become ‘The mantra ‘of the contemporary world, often they ring in my ears vociferously and ask me, “Why do we need these?” “Why are we spending exorbitantly on our scholastic intelligence?”

Is it because we are in quest for,

  1. Modest employment
  2. Social status
  3. Knowledge supremacy
  4. Material comforts
  5. Find a suitable life partner (True in some societies)

Indeed, these are perceived to be very much required for a one’s headway in a society. A person is regarded as a scholar, creative and knowledgeable etc. If he/she is a pioneer in science, arts, literature, music, so on and so forth…

However, by no stretch of the imagination, this education and knowledge make a true sense to me. Because I find it hard to digest a lot of ‘what if’s’

For example, What if a person is a successful engineer, but, is always worried about safeguarding his job, more rather than sharpening his skills to fit anywhere.

What if a person is a world- class musician, but, is a slave of drugs, alcohol, and depression.

What if a person is a doctor and knows no metes and bounds to money minting, he prefers money over humanity.

What if a person is a fine painter, but, is always jealous and insecure about others work!

What if a parent is not able to handle the kid’s incessant demands and tantrums?

What if a person is a scientist, but is always apprehensive about her husband’s fidelity?

What if a person is a Tech whizz, and is always stressed and is complaining about his life.

These many ‘what if’s’ have arisen in our lives, because the education imparted in schools and universities are busy focusing  on external development, but not the value based true internal education

Whereas, Value Based Education (VBE) helps a person to handle the real life situations better, and it comforts to lead a harmonious life with a gratitude and balance. But, in recent times, we have completely lost focus of our requirements and therefore, VBE seems like a clichéd and absurd concept.

In a jane doe’s jargon, VBE is meant only for rhetoric spiritual gurus, religious leaders and a renunciate. But a common man has to struggle with his insecurities, voidness and anxiety all the time.

What if, the children at schools were encouraged to question the teacher, think independently, argue, justify and validate the understandings? Rather than spoon feeding them on how to think, how to answer, and how not to validate and justify the teacher’s teaching.

How I wish, we learnt about being emotionally independent, anger and stress management, and how to be compassionate and yet courageous. It would be lovely if we knew about various forms of respect.

I wish we had been cultured the values of a sheer joy of speaking the truth. What if, we were taught on, how to hold on to self-confidence in spite of losing? Alas, we did not understand the difference between self-respect and egoism. Unfortunately, we are insentient to many more values which were very much required for a peaceful self and society.

One may wonder, does it mean that the formal education is of no use? Does the VBE have an ace up your sleeve? The answer to the first question is NO and second is YES. Formal education and intelligence imparted in schools are as important as the VBE. The art lies in balancing both the forms and making the best use of it. Regarding, VBE having the upper hand, it is very likely that a person will lead an absolutely well balanced symphonic life without the academic education, but not the other way round.

In my next article, we shall together discuss VBE in detail and the various FAQ’s

  1. Why is VBE important?
  2. What VBE can do to you?
  3. Do I need to follow any religion, cult, or a spiritual guru to instil VBE?

For now, I am signing off with a verse from Upanishad.

“Sa Vidyaa Yaa Vimuktaye.”

The gist of the above phrase is, “Education is one that uplifts the soul”

About preethiarjunagi

Trying to connect myself with the inner writer and unleash the experiences of life which is otherwise lost in this busy world .
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2 Responses to What does education mean to you?

  1. Rammohan K N says:

    Preethi, no words. I suggest start writing bigger ones in the form of books. This is awesome.

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